European Seminar for Kinetography

Foreword to the 2015 Electronic Edition

In 1980, the European Seminar for Kinetography (ESK) was founded, with the aim to illuminate, clarify and discuss notation issues encountered in our current work, or listed on ICKL agendas.
The participants of ESK were advanced notators from the European School of Kinetography Laban. They came from the following countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Poland.
Once a year we came together for several days to discuss the current projects directly. The bulk of the work, however, was conducted by correspondence. This involved a huge task, not only in devising a long-term programme of work but also in structuring the particular projects, consulting the authors in the course of writing their texts, and checking and editing the advanced projects. Altogether fourteen well advanced papers were released. They were then lodged with the Research Panel at ICKL, for the purpose of further discussions.
It was a fascinating and demanding work. We gained a deeper understanding of the nature of the system, its premises and its endless possibilities for further adjustments (as long as done according to the basic principles).
Our work at ESK came to an end in the late 1990s. However, the participants fondly remember this productive period of intensive work in clarifying some notation issues.
In 2015 Marion Bastien initiated a project, to re-edit electronically all the 14 papers of the
European Seminar for Kinetography. They will now be available to a wider circle of recipients and accessible online at

Roderyk Lange

List of the European Seminar for Kinetography Papers

No. 1 The Principles and Basic Concepts of Laban’s Movement Notation, Roderyk Lange, 1985. [Re-edited June 2015]

No. 2 Analytical Approaches, Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 1986.

No. 3 Closed Positions of the Feet written with Black Pins, Christine Eckerle, 1986.

No. 4 The Notation of Elasticity for Steps and Step-Motifs, Gisela Reber, 1987.

No. 5 The Use of Retentions within the Laban System of Notation, Jacqueline Challet‑Haas, 1989.

No. 6 Some Thoughts on kneeling as written in Kinetography Laban, Christine Eckerle, 1989

No. 7 Some Thoughts on the Graphic Structure of the Laban System of Notation, Donata Carbone, 1989.

No. 8 Minor Movements, Christine Eckerle, 1989.

No. 9 The Duration of an Indication tied to a Path Sign, Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 1990.

No. 10 Vertical Bows, Marion Bastien, 1992.

No. 11 Space Measurement signs versus Measurement Signs, Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 1990.

No. 12 The Notation of Floor Work within the Laban System of Notation, Anja Hirvikallio, 1995.

No. 13 The Assessment of Distances in Supports in Kinetography Laban/Labanotation, Christine Eckerle, 1995.

No. 14 Shifts, Christine Eckerle, 1998.